Claudia Wolf

Version: Artwork/In Game Skins
Series: Silent Hill 3
Completed: January 2012
Convention Worn: Ohayocon 2012 & Anime Central 2012

I’ve always been a fan of a tragic villain, and Claudia is totally a tragic villain. There’s something about the things she says and the way she says them that makes me even more sad about her situation. Plus, I love me some Silent Hill cultists <3

How I Made It
Claudia is made from 100% black wool that is a cool black, so in some light it looks blue. The inner lining is polyester. The jacket was made with Butterick 4929. Because I didn’t want the jacket to flair and show my belly, I felt that the under skirt was actually a dress. It seemed my ‘culty.’ I made sure to make the front lapel go in the direction of the artwork, not the game.
The buttons are all four holed and ridges. The cuffs in on the in game model looked a little funny so I had to design that myself. It’s kinda like a sports jacket strap, but with thread and button on the end. I also had to make the collar a bit taller.

The wig was a Matilda in Ash Blonde 062 from Arda Wigs. Ever since I saw the color I thought is was perfect for her. I had to straighten and trim the wig a bit. I also added some roots and low lights to the front to make it more realistic. I also had to thin out the hair a bit as well. Those Matilda’s are thick. *Edit 5/5/2012* I bought a “The Dude” from Arda in Ash Blonde 062 and its awesome. It looks thin and sleek like Claudia’s hair but doesn’t show wefts!

But the hardest part of the costume was the trail and error I had to go through in order to get rid of my eyebrows without shaving them off. In the end I used a glue stick method. I followed some Youtube videos and through practice I figured out how to cover the eyebrows. I would put on layers, with foundation powder, letting them dry completely before adding another layer. And I had to do that for about 7 layers and about an hour of work. However, the results were pretty great and it was easy to wash off with just soap and water. It literally dissolved. I also added some contouring and age marks to my face to complete the look.

If I Could Change One Thing…
I want to get a Dude from Arda when it comes out in Ash Blonde 062 because I that wig is better designed to lay flat. The Matilda has some frizzy hair at the base to make it look more voluminous. I would also use different fabric for the lining. But at the time this is all I had.*Edit 5/5/2012* I bought a “The Dude” from Arda in Ash Blonde 062 and its awesome. It looks thin and sleek like Claudia’s hair but doesn’t show wefts!

What I Liked the Most!
I look so freaky and no myself without eyebrows. Holy crap. Also, no shoes. YAY!

Reference Art Rar File for Claudia Wolf

Photos: WhiteDesertSun, Gatsby, DrStrange, Xasch & Devious Tofu
Photos w/:
Lexxandra as Heather, Jeremy as Vincent and Carrousel as Movie!Dahlia


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