Almost Up and Running

Its a slow but steady hike to finishing this website, but its coming along nicely. I added a few new features to my costume pages from my old site. A complete rewrite of most costume descriptions, a Rar file of all the resource material I use to make the costumes (if I still have the files), a light box to look at the photos and a bit more a description as to why I choose to do costumes and an analysis of what I did and did not like about my process. All these things are mostly provided so that if you yourself would like to make one of these costumes it it useful for your research into making it.

Still a bit of work that needs to be done overall. I have to port over my tutorials and I still have a number of tutorials I haven’t yet been able to write and put up. I’m also going to make a “Channel” for my YouTube/Live Stream because I plan on using them a lot once I get the site up and running.

So yea! Tons of new things to add and make pretty. Thanks for sticking with it and coming to visit 😀

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