Anime Iowa is Here!

Wow, its been a busy summer. I haven’t had much time to update the website between summer school, travel, moving from one home to the other and costuming! I will update eventually I promise!

This weekend I am at Anime Iowa for the first time. Normally it falls on GenCon weekend and I can’t go, but this year it’s the weekend before GenCon. This con is unofficialy dubbed MiriCon by alot of my cosplaying buddies because we all come and stay at my friend Miri‘s house and travel to the con right down the road.

For Anime Iowa Miri and I decided to do Mia and Nash. We wanted to fill out the characters we didn’t have made between our Lunar group of friends and I really wanted to see a Nash done. He’s one of my favorite characters. Not to mention Mia is just so adorable! <3 There will also be some Silent Hill & Chrono Trigger! And to top it off, I brought my camera for some beginner photo shoots. (Only one way to get good it practicepracticepractice)

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