Back from Colossal! On the way to AX!

Had a wonderful time running around the water park and our Villa at ColossalCon! Got some amazing shots of our Tenchi group and my wonderful friend Hailey surprised me by making an Anne Cunningham costume from Silent Hill Downpour! Go times were had by all. Although I did have another costume, I didn’t get a chance to put it on. I was to busy soaking up the sun in the adult hot tube with my friend Jeff and a chalice full of Adult Milkshake. Yummy!

I’ve been waiting to put up new costumes because I am waiting on one or two shoots. Thus, sorry, I’m a bit behind as usual. Another thing that’s gonna be setting me back a bit is that I’ll be moving in September to Miami Florida! My wonderful boyfriend got a job there at a great newspaper and I’m gonna go down there to live with him for a while. Thinking about taking some more classes while I’m there and maybe I’ll have more time to finish some dream costumes up while I’m at it!

Now I’m getting ready for Anime Expo. Arda Wigs’ booth is themed Zelda Shop Keeps this year and they are gonna have two booths. I decided to go with a not-so-shop-keepy character, but one that can transfer between booths. Thus I’m gonna be sporting a Postman costume. (My goal with this costume was to use only materials I currently had to make it. So far its looking pretty awesome!)

Can’t wait to show you all the costumes I’ve got pictures of, am waiting on pictures of and ones I haven’t even gotten a chance to get photos of here in the near future! <3


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