Costume Updates
25 hrs / 2 wks
15.9 hrs / two weeks
5.0 hrs / two weeks
4.1 hrs / two weeks
Got my Jane Doe shirt :)
Okay. Finally done.
This better look good when I am done or I am gonna throw it across the room.

Vlog & Video


BB Hood Skit @ Lvl Up Expo

After competing with Jez Roth at Anime Vegas and taking home Best in Show for our WISH costumes and skit, well, I got the performing bug. I wanted to try out a skit for Lvl Up Expo, but I wanted it to be a super short and simple skit to be my first one by


Silent Hill Downpour @ San Diego Comic Con

I got a chance to play Silent Hill: Downpour at SDCC this year. In light of the new trailer being released at Tokyo Game Show, I wanted to put up the video of my play through. In the next few days I’ll put up some subtitled commentary, for now, enjoy. Also, I’ve updated a few


AX; An Experience

Anime Expo has come and gone and let me tell you it was an awesome and busy ride! I’ve got TONS of video from the trip that I will be editting and putting up soon. Overall I had a wonderful time. The trip there and back was a blast. LA was pretty cool because it


Final Stuff for AX & ACen Saturday

I’ve already arrived at Harl’s house and have spent the last few days counting and drooling over all her wigs she just got in stock and building a HUGE DISPLAY out of pipe for her wig heads. Its been a fun time. We’ve cooked alot of good meals and I’ve had a great time taste


ACen Friday & AX Projects

I finished the first day of Vlogs for YouTube. Warning, there is some language in here. NSFW Most of the Vlog is me being overly giddy since by the end of Friday night I had been up for 40+ hours because of finals, commissions, the drive up and the con. But overall it was the


Ohayocon 2010 and More

It’s been a crazy last few months! I’ve done photo shoots for costumes, make-up for photo shoots and goneĀ  to Ohayocon. Its been crazy! So let’s see if I can sum it up into words. I got pictures of my Lady Gaga costume and they’ve been up for a while. I sent them off to


YoumaCon 2009

Oh my goodness, what a fall this has been. My schooling has been so chaotic its hard to update directly after a con because I have to get so caught up after missing one or two days! Its ridiculous! But ‘busy’ already is pretty much my middle name! Youmacon went great. I got to debut


Fall Update!

School’s been my life! However, instead of updating my website, I’ve been spending the free moments doing photoshoots or working on costumes. Working on Youmacon right now along with all my school work. Updates to the site include, but are not limited too: the Zombie Family shoot I did Make-Up for, Got some photos of


Otakon 09

What a convention! In comparison to other convention I have gone to, this had to be the biggest Anime one. GenCon is still a bit bigger and covers a wider area, but I could see Otakon catching up in size as the years progress (if the economy doesn’t nose dive to much). It was a

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