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Useful Cosplay Links

Arda Wigs -Worked for Arda from about 2 years, so I know their quality and I know how to manipulate their fibers very well.
Aradani Studios – Great prices for Prosthetic and great quality
Dark Threads – Friend Ran Military & Tactical Gear Store
YouKnowIt.com – Great for contact prices; can be bought w/ prescriptions. Very basic contacts here. Located in the UK
Pinky Paradise – Realistic blends for cheap. A wide selection. Located in Korea
Spandex House – Fun Stretchy Fabrics w/ great customer Service. Some fun fabrics
NY Fashion Center – Unique Fabrics not found anywhere else. My go-to for interesting fabrics. Kinda expensive
Spoonflower – Can’t find the fabric w/ the right pattern? Make it yourself!
Distinctive Fabrics – Tons of different furs and other fun fabrics (Some pretty cheap!)
Syfabrics – Great costuming PVC and pleather, plus an interesting selection of other fabrics

Favorite Gaming Site

Rule of Rose Mysteries – Most informative Rule of Rose website online
SuikoSource – 
Most useful Suikoden Site EVER!

Table Top Gaming

RPG Aggression – The wonderfully creative Lou Agresta’s Blog
Skirmisher Publishing – Publishers of Cthulhu Live! One of the best Murder Mystery/Larps EVER!
D-Infinity – DnD Gamer Magazine Published by Skirmisher
Atomic Array – Fun and informative DnD Podcast with the wonderful Rone Barton and Ed Healy
House of the Blooded
Extremely Unique Political Table Top game by John Wick
The Mythos Society Network – Collective of Cthulhu & Cthulhu Live Fans

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