Silent Hill & A Site Transfer

DOWNPOUR IS COMING OUT! OMG GUYZ!! In anticipation for this event, I’ve been doing a costume Countdown on my Tumblr and I also made sure to get this video done before the big release. A ton of my Silent Hill buddies and I get together all the time so we decided to start making movies. Here’s our first creation. It took a while for me to edit and put together, but we’re pretty proud of it. Enjoy. Its totally serious.

ALSO! I’m slowly transporting the website over from my old site. Its a new layout and I have a new logo and everything. I’m pretty pumped about it. I’m actually going through all my old photos (and some new ones) and using my new Lightroom software to update some photos and put my new logo on them. The costume pages are getting a much needed facelift, edited descriptions by my wonderful boyfriend and reference pictures (including a reference picture rar file for anyone interested in doing a costume I have previously done)

The new site should be pretty fantastic. I’m really excited about all the changes and I’m also excited about all the new costumes I can put up on the site!

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